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What is Probate?

In simple terms, probate is the court-supervised process of distributing assets after a person has died.

This process is used to wind down a person's legal and financial affairs after death. The deceased person’s assets are administered to ensure that all creditors are paid, all rights of the beneficiaries and heirs are protected, and the estate assets are properly and fairly distributed.


Other than an attorney, your most valuable resource will be a REALTOR® that is trained and experienced in probate and inherited property sales.

Meghan's specializes in liquidating the real estate portion of the estate before assets are eaten up by the costs involved in maintaining it. As an expert in probate, trust and inherited property sales, Meghan can explain the language, documentation, and steps to streamline the process and bring the estate closer to final settlement.

She can also help deal with the various issues and misunderstandings that can arise with multiple beneficiaries.